Do You Want an Amazing Prayer Life?

My bookshelf has some real good books on it concerning prayer. One such book is called “Praying Backwards” by Bryan Chapell.

I had thought my prayer life was acceptable because I prayed in the name of Jesus, but as I read this book, the excitement grew within me as I found what I needed to change the way I prayed.

There is one way to revolutionize your prayer life from so-so to amazing! We pray according to the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 and Luke 11 where we’ve been taught to pray in the name of Jesus and so we end our prayers thinking that it is the formula to having them answered.

It is not. The author, Bryan Chappell, says in his book,

The name of Jesus is not a genie in a bottle or a magic formula to getting whatever it is we want. It is not a wishing well.

And yet, so many believers pray this way, with anticipation of having prayers answered because we said certain words. We tack on let Your will be done thinking that this will surely get our prayers noticed and answered.

Not always.

Disclaimer: This is not a book review per se. It is my thoughts of a book that I really like and is laid out to capture you as well.

As we know, praying does not change all situations. Our loved ones still suffer, life still hurts and we still deal with the issues we’ve been praying for. In John 16:33, Jesus said In this world you will have trouble. Notice the word “will”. Not “may” but “will”. And while we pray for answers, we can be assured that there is a purpose for this difficulty. That God will use it to glorify Himself and we need to be ‘okay’ with that.

So what is this revolutionary way of praying?

Pray backwards, beginning with the end.


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Begin your prayers with “Thy will be done”. By starting your prayers with the ending, your focus is on the One whose will it is we are submitting to. You pray in Jesus’ name, so begin your prayers by using this authority that He’s given to you.

A sample prayer for healing:

Heavenly Father, I come before You in the name of Jesus and I pray for Your will to be done in {name’s} life. I pray Lord that You will have Your way with {name}. Lord, {his/her} body needs Your healing touch. According to Your Word, touch {his/her} body, touch every part of it that is not whole, and let Your healing power flow through {him/her}. May {he/she} sense the warmth of Your presence with {him/her}, even now, as we speak. Father God, the destiny You have planned for {name}, let it continue to unfold according to Your plan for {his/her} life. May {he/she} walk in Your power and strength, may {he/she} be filled to overflowing with Your goodness, mercy and grace. May {he/she} be filled with boldness to share {his/her} testimony of the amazing thing You are doing in {his/her} life. Father God, let Your glory shine through {name} as You perform Your will in {him/her}.

When you change the direction of your prayers to begin with the end, you will notice the focus of your words are more on Him and what He can do and less on you and what you’d like Him to do. Praying backwards has been revolutionary to not only my prayer life but also to my understanding of His Word and it directs my thinking patterns. When we pray focused on His will, our priorities are altered, our thoughts are altered, the direction of our prayers are altered, because we are wanting God’s will above our own.

So often, in our prayers, we put God in a box. We direct Him to answer prayer in a specific way and we are glad when and if He does. But if we allowed Him to answer according to His will, the answer could be so much more than what we were thinking.

When Jesus’ priorities come first, our prayers will change. They will be less self-oriented, more Christ directed, more blessed, and ultimately most satisfying to our hearts. (pg 16)

Have you listened to children pray? Pretty cute. But what do you notice about their prayers? Would you say they are self focused?

While children may pray, “Lord, give me what I want”, the mature believer prays “Lord, conform me to what You want.” (pg 25)

Children pray, “My will be done”, the mature believer prays “Thy will be done.” (pg 26)

Praying backwards is an attitude of the heart (pg 27) and means that we are placing our focus on Jesus and not on ourselves. When you pray backwards you will find you are praying some pretty amazing prayers because they are Scriptural-based! There is nothing better than that!!

I love to incorporate God’s written word within my prayers. When I pray for healing, I will quote appropriate Scripture verses, when I pray for finances, I will mention that God is our Jehovah Jireh, that He will provide for us. When I pray for wisdom, or for discernment, I will pray His word to Him. There is nothing more powerful than praying the Word of God to the Father who inspired the Word!


Amazing Prayers Begin with Thy Will be Done!
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We continue to pray in the name of Jesus, we continue to pray boldly and fervently. We continue to pray in the Spirit. We continue to pray with expectation. We continue to pray persistently. We continue to pray in God’s wisdom. We continue to pray without ceasing.

By following the principles that are laid out in the Bible, my prayer life has changed dramatically. I no longer feel that I should be “loud” or “lengthy” in my prayers but that understanding the authority that I have to pray in the Name of Jesus in a simple way, my prayers are offered to the Father as a sweet aroma. My spirit meets up with the Holy Spirit and as He quickens me, my vocal volume be increase or decrease, I may cry, or not. As the Spirit moves within me, I will pray as He leads me.

There is so much more goooood stuff in this book. This book has been an answer to my prayer and will be to yours as well. The book’s tagline is “Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name” will do just that for you…transform your prayer life!

You can find this book on Amazon or Christianbook dot com, and for the lowest price, look for ISBN: 0-8010-6527-5


Praying Backwards

Does this informal review of “Praying Backwards” appeal to you? Would you want to include this book on your bookshelf? Please comment with your thoughts on this.

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  1. Something worth putting into practice when I pray. Thy will be done – just saying those words at the start takes a lot of the anxiety out of what we pray for.

    1. You are so right, Rachel! The pressure is off us to figure out how to make the answer come and it is placed on God who knows all and has it already planned! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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