3 Behaviours that Honour God in Adversity

When adversity strikes, and it surely will, how will you honour God in it? James 1:2 tells us to be joyful.

It happened again. We received an email response on our way home that we had to deal with. How do we respond?

That’s a good question. How should Christians respond when in adversity?

It would be easy to melt and crumble under the weight of the problem. Or we could react in a way that shows a lack of faith in God. Another option would be to whine and complain to anyone within hearing distance.

There are many ways for how we could respond but the best reactions should glorify God. Even when we’ve been blind-sided we need to glorify Him.

Let’s look at how we can glorify God when hit with a problem.

1 ~ Honour God by Giving Thanks

If you’ve been going through your ‘trial’ for awhile, as we have been, you already know of God’s faithfulness to you thus far. He isn’t going to abandon you now. He can’t. That would be going against Himself because in Hebrews 13:5 and Genesis 28:15, it is written that He would not leave nor forsake us.

So, give thanks for God’s faithfulness to you. Give thanks that He is with you, that He has handled the situation thus far and will continue. New problems may emerge on account of this adversity but through it all, God is faithful and you can depend on that!


Behaviour that Honours God in Adversity
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2 ~ Honour God through Prayer

God knew of this blip in your adversity, that you were going to get that news today. Bring it to the Lord in prayer. Talk about it with Him. Ask Him to show you how it can be used to your advantage as part of His plan for you.

Don’t walk this path alone, pray with your spouse or ask your prayer warrior friends to join you in prayer. I messaged my sister asking her for prayer as I felt I was going to crumble a bit. Don’t forget your church family. Find your “peeps” in the body of Christ and ask them to stand with you. Remember, where two or three are gathered together, He is in the midst.

If you are part of a trusted online community, share your burden with them. Your sisters will be quick to pray for you and lift you up during this time when you need it most.

Please don’t think that asking for prayer is burdensome to others. It isn’t. We are designed for community, for fellowship, for being a part of the body and when one hurts, we all hurt. We need each other, especially when we are under spiritual attack.

Adversity is a spiritual attack. We fight not against flesh and blood but in the spirit realm through prayer.  based on Ephesians 6:12

3 ~ Honour God by Asking for His Wisdom

The Apostle James wrote an excellent message about responding in trials. If you haven’t read it, you’ll find it in James 1:2-8. He begins his book by telling the scattered tribes to count it all joy when they fall into trials, troubles, and temptations. In verse 5-6, he said that if you lack wisdom, to ask God for it, but to ask in faith.

Ask for wisdom. God knows what needs to be done regarding this blip. He knows the best course of action to take. He knows what results He wants to see for you but you need to ask for wisdom.

If you don’t ask for wisdom and you employ an action that is outside of His will, you may not like the results. So, ask. The hardest part is believing that after you’ve asked for wisdom, that you will receive it. But James says to ask in faith. This isn’t an emotion, it isn’t a feeling. It is a fact based on the Word of God. Believe that what you ask for, God will supply.

So, in doing each of these three things, you are giving glory to God. These behaviours show Him and yourself that you are trusting in Him and not your own understanding, Proverbs 3:5-6.  I love these verses, however, let’s read further, verses 7-9. Be not wise in our own eyes. We think we’re smart but God is all-knowing! Trust Him to work things out for you!

Back to my story. Now we wait and see. We have employed these three behaviours as we honour God in the midst of our trials and troubles. This is not our focus as we have put it out of our minds, as mentioned in 5 Things to do in a Crisis that you can read if you haven’t already. Our response to trouble is as outlined in 2 Kings 19 in How Should We Respond in Trials?. We are Living Out James 1:2 and we are Joyful in Trials. Our God is mighty and sovereign, it is Him who we love and serve. He will sustain us.

Penny for your thoughts? As always, I invite your comments as I would love to hear from you. Have you gone through or going through a trial now? How are you holding up? Please let me if I can encourage you in any way.

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3 thoughts on “3 Behaviours that Honour God in Adversity

  1. It is not always easy to honor God in our trials. We at times allow ourselves to be thrown off course by moments of crisis and so caught up being overcome by these times, we forget to allow God to be our source. But these are times when we are stretched for growth and transformation.

    1. That is true Lureta. Do you think it would get easier with each trial to allow God to be our source at the beginning of it rather than the end of it?
      Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

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