5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Facebook “Friend List”

Easy peasy steps to protect your Facebook ‘friend list’. We’re talking about your personal Facebook Timeline now.

Have you ever wondered why you get friend requests from your friends who you know are already on your friend list?

One reason is many people have their friend list open for everyone to see. This means they are using the default privacy setting of “public” which allows a hacker to get in through a friend of a friend. The hacker would then create a duplicate account, sending friend requests to your friends and gaining them as friends but in reality, the hacker is spoofing accounts, writing code, and will eventually get photos, children’s names, any detail you post for your friends and they post and they post. And on and on it goes.

What can you do about it? It’s quite simple. Follow these steps below.


Editing the Friend List Privacy Setting

These steps are intended for the computer or laptop, not a phone or tablet as there seems to be no way to edit privacy there. As well, editing your friend list only pertains to your personal TIMELINE not a business page or group.

You can change your settings to ONLY ME or FRIENDS so that either you are the only one seeing your friend list or just your friends can see the list. When you think about it, does anyone else need to see your friend list?


1 – In this first image, click on your name, at the top, to open your timeline.




fb022 – Click on Friends, circled in red.

Your “Friends” could be located either at the top, just under your cover photo, or along the left side.







3 – Click on the Edit icon circled in red, below. Then click on Edit Privacy.





Facebook Settings | Facebook Friend List | Private Friend List
Free Stock Photo: Girl Boss


4 – Viewing the screen shot below, edit the top two circled in red to read ONLY ME. Your choices are ONLY ME, FRIENDS and PUBLIC. Click DONE. Further explanation in Note, below.

My personal preference is ONLY ME which allows mutual friends to see each other on my friend list but not everyone seeing everyone.

NOTE: You can choose to share your friend list with your friends but not the general public.

The drawback to this is accepting friend requests from people you don’t know very well. They would then have access to viewing all your friends. If Privacy is an issue for you, you may not want to use this option.

If you are not concerned about your privacy settings, some of your friends may be concerned about their privacy and will now be vulnerable. Their name and profile pic will appear on your friend list for others to see.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a setting that ‘hides’ the person who has privacy settings turned on for themselves to not appear in their friend’s lists.




5 – Choosing ONLY ME in the step above will make your friend list private to all your mutual friends. Once you’ve done these steps, you can verify it by clicking on View As then typing in a friend’s name to see what your friend would see. Then you can also view as the Public to see what the public sees.



Click on View as Friend or Public…..when done, click on the X to close.



Surprise! Here is a PDF File, just for you!  5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Facebook Friend List


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    1. Thanks for writing, Erica. For sure, we have to be careful with our SM. There’s always someone out there attempting to wreak havoc on people. I read of another grandfather’s story of a bogus friend request that was done in his name but his friends caught it and reported it immediately. Thanks again for stopping by!

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