Go – Gather – Grow is Moving!

Effective Tuesday, June 20th, software changes will be completed behind the scenes and Go – Gather – Grow will be living on new software! Yay!

What this means for my followers is in order to continue to receive emails when new posts are published, like you just received now, you will need to re-follow me when my move is complete. So, bookmark this page so you can find it easily on Tuesday, June 20th and click on the Follow button on the sidebar to follow along on the new software.


You can sign up to the Insiders Pod (see sidebar) to join my exclusive list and stay in touch with me that way. Insiders Pod emails are sent bi-weekly unless something comes up that you need to know about right away. Or, you can do both, Follow the blog and receive Insiders Pod emails! The choice is yours.




If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a message through the Contact page.

So sorry for the inconvenience this causes you but it is unavoidable.

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