DIG Gals Bible Study: 1 John, Chapter 5

Hello there, my sister! So glad you could stop by for today’s study on 1 John 5, the last study in the series of five. In case you missed the first four studies, here they are, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4.

The DIG – Deep in God – Bible Study is designed to help you get more out of the Word of God than a casual reading would produce. Today’s study on 1 John 5 is based on the Inductive Bible Study Method. The “how to” of the Inductive Method can be found on the menu tab Insiders Pod Library.

Before we open in prayer, do you have your Bible, coffee or tea, pen, pencils and the 1 John Worksheet? We can complete the worksheet as we go along. If you don’t have a worksheet, you can use a notebook to compile your list or if you have already started a list for the previous studies, continue on with it.

Can we pray together before we start? Father God, thank you so much for this time that we can set aside to sit at the feet of Jesus, allowing His presence to wash over our souls and refresh our spirits with Your precious word. Teach us, Holy Spirit, what you want us to take away from this chapter today. May the truths that You reveal to us, enlighten our minds and change our thinking to be more Christ-like. But more than that, Lord, may we be transformed by Your word, to live and walk in the Lord. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.

We need to read 1 John 5 through at least once before we proceed to have an overview of its contents. Take a moment or two to read the Scripture popup or in your Bible.

Chapter 5

In your opinion, what is the main point of this chapter? Do you think it has to do with knowing for certain who we believe in? Who we place our faith in?


The keywords used in this chapter are:

  • Sin
  • Know
  • Love
  • Born of God
  • Truth

We will be talking about “know”, “love” and “truth”. If you need a copy of Kari Dent’s sample keyword markings, you can request access to my Insiders Pod Library by signing up to the Insiders Pod, then download or print off any of the study aids you need. Don’t forget to print the 1 John Worksheet.

While you are waiting for your password to the Insiders Pod Library, let’s continue with the study.

What I Know

Continuing in our list of what we can know, we need to add the eight instances of this keyword, “know”.

I know that I know…

  • 5.2 –  I love the brethren when I love God and keep His commands
  • 5.3 –  I have eternal life and that I can believe on the name of Jesus
  • 5.15 –  God hears me and whatever I ask I know I have the petitions I desired of Him
  • 5.18 –  that I am born of God and do not continue to sin and that God keeps me safe from harm from the evil
  • 5.19 – I am of God and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one
  • 5.20 – that the Son of God has come and has given me understanding so I may know what is true
  • 5.20  I am in Him who is true, Jesus Christ

In reviewing this list, we learn that we know a lot about ourselves and God’s response to us. How do you feel when you read this list? Does it comfort you to read these statements? Does this bolster your faith in any way?


Bible Study | Inductive Study | 1 John 5
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In the previous chapter, John used the word love 27 times and in this chapter, it is mentioned five times. Let’s look at it in context. I can find this word quickly as I have it marked with a red heart shape symbol. This word is found in 1 John 5:1-3. Did you just read that? It says that everyone who loves the Father loves His Son PLUS it says that we know we love our brethren because we love God and carry out His commands.

Oh, I know there are people that we don’t like sometimes, but this isn’t talking about liking them. It is talking about loving them. Okay, let’s examine the original meaning of the word “love” that John used. He used the same two words previously in chapters 3 and 4 and now again in this chapter.

Agape – noun – affection or benevolence

Agapao – verb – to love in a social or moral sense

“Love” and “loveth” used in verses 1 and 2 are the agapao love, that is, to love in a moral or social sense.

The word “love” used in verse 3 is the agape love that is shown in affection or benevolence.

If we are true to ourselves when we say we love God, then we will keep His commandments. Therefore, those we seem not to get along with, for whatever reason, if we apply “love” in the moral or social sense to them, we will learn to love them in the affectionate sense. By doing this, we are obedient to God, and being an example to others that the Word is true and it can be carried out. What do you think?


Bible Study | Inductive Study | 1 John 5
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I marked the word “true” and “truth” the same, a red outline of an open book. You will find this word in verses 6 and 20.

According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Strong’s Complete Dictionary, the meanings of truth and true are:

Truth – aletheia – noun – what is true in any matter under consideration truly, in truth, according to truth

True – alethinos – adjective – is used to denote true in the sense of real, ideal, and genuine

Keep the above definitions in mind as we read 1 John 5:6.  The Spirit is truth and the Spirit bears witness to Jesus who came by the water and the blood. The Holy Spirit is true in any matter. This means that the Spirit is truthful, honest, speaks with verity, in His witness of Jesus. Actually, anything the Spirit says is truthful, honest and spoken with verity.

In 1 John 5:20, the word ‘true’ is mentioned three times and in all instances, the meaning is the same, which is ‘truthful’ and ‘true’.

Is this the kind of truth you can rely on? Believe in with all your heart? Trust to be true and keep His Word when He makes/gives you a promise? Is this the kind of person you want to be too?

I love verse 20. Jesus has come to give us an understanding of the truth and so that we can KNOW Him. I am so glad I know Him! Aren’t you glad you know Him?



We have only looked at a few of the keywords for this chapter. You will need to find the others and study the text and what it is saying to you. Once you are done that, you will have a better answer to this next question.

What is the theme of this chapter?

Stay tuned for next Thursday as I have decided to write a summary of all five chapters. We’ll cover the chapter themes plus pull together the contrasts that John uses to make his points. After you have marked the rest of the keywords, read the chapter one more time but this time look for the contrasts such as light/darkness, children of God/children of the devil, etc. Observe what you learn from them and write them on your worksheet.

Well, dear friend, that’s it for this chapter. I hope you found some nuggets in 1 John 5. If so, will you share them with me? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line, below. I’ll be waiting!

Til next time,








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