DIG Gals Bible Study: Romans Ch 1 – 3

Are you ready to dig deeper in God’s word? Do you want to find out for yourself what it is saying to you? Are you ready for an online study group? If so, dig in because this is the place for you!

The DIG Gals Online Bible Study will be starting a new session on Monday, September 11, 2017. This is the Facebook online group and I invite YOU to join us! In fact, I’m waiting for you! Click the image below to request to join the group then come right back here. I’ll be waiting for you before we continue on.

DIG Gals Online Bible Study Group
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Our study will have us dig into the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, using the Inductive Bible Study Method (IBSM). This method allows you to go deep into the Word, to see for yourself what it says. I promise you, you will find nuggets of gold that you might not otherwise find with a casual reading of the Word.

If you are not familiar with this method, you can read up about it from a previous post, How to Study Inductively.

You will need to access my free library, Insiders Pod Library, by signing up to the Insiders Pod. This is my bi-weekly newsletter for subscribers, providing access to the two free libraries as well as staying up to date with blog happenings.

The Insiders Pod Library contains worksheets from previous studies as well as tools required for the Inductive Study Method. You will need the Master Keyword List (your own personal list of keywords) as well as download the suggested keywords by Kari King Dent. Personally, I tend to view the PDF file if I get stuck thinking of a symbol to use.


Study Preparation

The material for this new study in the first three chapters of Romans will be available at the beginning of September, giving you 11 days to prepare your tools (Micron pens, colour pencils, etc), and your Romans worksheet booklet.  If you do not want to mark up your Bible, you can print out a copy of the three chapters in Romans from Bible Gateway.

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As a participant in this group, you will study the material on your own and will check in with the DIG Gals Bible Study Group on Facebook anytime after Monday each week. On Monday mornings, I will post the questions for that weeks’ study. You are encouraged to comment with your answers to the questions and interact with each other as we go along.






Sample Assignment

I thought you might like to see a sample assignment for the first week.

Read chapters 1 – 3:

  • through once to get a basic understanding of the content
  • read again, but this time pay attention to WHO the author is and mark it accordingly
  • reading a third time but now pay attention to WHO the recipients are and mark them accordingly

This part of the assignment is your self-discovery where you study the text to find out what it says. You will read it at a slower pace as you pay attention to the sequence of words. For example, in chapter 1, verse 1, Paul identifies himself as a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle.

If you are familiar with Paul’s other letters, he does not always identify himself in the same way. Sometimes he says he is a bondservant. Other times he says he is an apostle by the will of God. Depending on his situation at the time of writing and depending on who his audience is, he uses different salutations and identifications. This is something I would never have picked up on if I wasn’t studying inductively. One of many nuggets.


Self-Paced, Sort of

Each week will have assignments to keep us on track as we discover what the text says. Come back each Monday morning for that week’s assignment. I will be checking throughout the week to read your comments and respond.

If you are unable to read all three chapters in one sitting, then read them one chapter at a time until they are done. This may take you two or three days to do and that’s okay. This isn’t a race and we don’t want to rush through it. Take your time and if you fall behind a bit, I’m sure you will be able to catch up another time.


Self-Discovery Continues

In addition to the self-discovery process, I will post questions for you to discover for that week. You will see the questions ahead of time, so you can dig for the answers as you are marking keywords.

I know you are not familiar with studying inductively, therefore I will also be writing a weekly post on Thursdays for the following Monday, to help you along. The first weekly post will be published on September 7th to be available for the 11th. You won’t be left to figure this out on your own. Tools provided are the background material of the Inductive Bible Study Method as well as what I provide weekly. I’m with you every step of the way!

If you are already a fan of the IBSM, then you’ll love this study with us. You will even be able to help others with your findings if someone has missed something along the way. This would be fantastic. But more than that, your own digging will be valuable. I am looking forward to your views as iron sharpens iron!


Are You Excited?

This is exciting! I am looking forward to this new dig, to discovering what Paul teaches to the believers in Rome! Please join me as we explore this epistle together.

September, a month for resuming routine. Bible Study is a great thing to get back to, especially if you took the summer months off to spend time with your kiddos. If you can, block off an hour a day for three to four days a week, to do this study. There’s no need to go ahead of the assignment so that pace should be doable. Would you agree?

So, are you excited too? Do you want to learn the Inductive Study Method?

If you are going to do this, you will need to

  1. sign up to the Insiders Pod to receive your access to the password protected free libraries where the study material is contained
  2. download and print the necessary study material
  3. gather the tools needed, ie, Micron pens, colour pencils, etc.
  4. join the DIG Gals Bible Study group on Facebook
  5. follow my blog to receive the study posts



That’s a Wrap!

As I said, I’m excited about meeting you over on my DIG Gals Bible Study group on Facebook. Please be sure to introduce yourself once you get there!

Do you have any questions for me? Please leave a comment and I’d be glad to answer them for you.

See you soon!




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