Worship and Prayer using the ACTS Prayer Model

Recently, I was asked to guest post for my friend Lisa over at Graceful Abandon. Her site is about Finding Freedom, Balancing Life for families. Sounds like something we all are desiring to do and have!

Prayer and worship are vital to our spiritual well-being as much as reading God’s Word or the air we breathe. When we slip up and stop praying or reading His Word, we will dry up spiritually. David often felt like that in the Psalms.

ACTS Prayer Model

If you are looking for a way to draw closer to God in worship and prayer, have you tried the ACTS Prayer Model yet? It is quite simple but yields an amazing time of intimacy with God. I use this model almost every day and I love that I am able to focus on God first and not myself. Usually, we come to Him with me-me-me petitions and forget to thank Him for all He has done for us already. For our salvation, for His love, for His protection, for His great mercies that we receive every single day. We need to worship Him for Who He is and focus on Him before we beseech Him with our requests. When we do it this way, by the time we get to our petitions, they should be focused on His will for us and not our selfish will.

It is so easy to focus on ourselves but when we change our focus to Him first, everything else will fall into place. Why? Because God loves us and wants to answer our prayers as He determines they should be answered, not as we determine. It is my belief that we put God in a box when we tell Him how we think He should answer our prayers. Let God be God and let Him give us His very best. That is what I have chosen. His best so my focus is praying according to His will and not my own.

ACTS Prayer Model | Prayer
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So, now I invite you to hop on over to Lisa’s blog to read this post on How Do You Find time to Pray Effectively? which presents the ACTS Prayer Model.

When you are there, please leave a comment for Lisa and I. We would love to hear from you!

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