Marking Keywords: Romans 1-3 Bible Study

The DIG Gals Bible Study resumes with our inductive study in Romans 1-3. This week we will look at marking keywords to help identify the theme of these chapters. If you haven’t yet read the first three chapters in the book that Paul wrote, I recommend that you do so to understand the setting and the characters involved.

If you have not yet downloaded the Romans 1-3 Worksheet, you will need to do so. The worksheet will help you to be successful in this study. Did you sign up for the Insiders Pod to gain access to the Insiders Pod Library? Take a moment to sign up now and the password will be emailed to you right away.

Have you seen the introduction post for this study series? If not, you can read this on Romans Ch 1-3. This will give you the details for our group study. As well, there is a post called DIG Gals Bible Study: Romans 1-3 Overview that you might want to review. To get caught up, you can read Week 1 of this study that shows you how to mark the author and recipients.

If you are a new reader and you are interested in the inductive study method, these study aids will be of assistance to you:

  • sign up to my Insiders Pod to receive access to the Free Libraries where you can print and download the necessary study material such as the Master Keyword List and download only Kari King Dent’s Keyword List (I use this for reference only)
  • gather the tools needed, ie, Micron pens, colour pencils, etc.
  • join the DIG Gals Bible Study group on Facebook
  • follow my blog to receive the study posts

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

In the Week 1 lesson, I took you through step-by-step to mark the author and recipient. How did you do with that? Did you find it helpful? Did you pop over to the Facebook Group to join in on the discussion there? We’d love to have you join us!

Anyway, we will continue our study using the same format as last week but first, we will begin with prayer as we need the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to see and understand what we are reading.

Father God, we thank you that you are in our midst, Lord, and You care about the words we study. We thank you for your holy Scriptures that they are truth to us. As we learn to study inductively, Father God, teach us how to search the Scriptures. Teach us to slow down so we can digest everything we learn and not be so rushed. So, now, Lord, as we study Your Word, reveal to us what we need to see. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


Romans 1 -3 Study | Marking Keywords | Inductive Bible Study
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Week 2 Assignment ~ Marking Keywords

If you printed off the worksheet for this study, you will see that we are on step 7 and 8 in the First Things First section. We will mark and code the following keywords for chapters 1-3:

  • gospel
  • grace
  • faith
  • justified (justify, just)
  • righteous (righteousness)
  • Jesus Christ

NOTE, not all keywords are present in every chapter

Don’t race off yet to code these words, let’s do it a few at a time.

Since it has been a week since you read these chapters, I suggest that you read through each chapter again. Is your worksheet handy? You will need it as well.

As you begin your second reading of the three chapters, begin marking the keywords. I tend to double up marking two keywords at a time. That means I determine how I will mark them and will indicate that in two places: my Master Keyword List first then the Worksheet keyword list. Then as I read the text, I mark the keyword(s) as I find them.


Keyword Examples

It looks like this, using the word “gospel”:

My Master Keyword List

You can print your own master keyword list from the Study Material Library

Worksheet Keyword List

Did you print your worksheet yet?


In my Bible text

If you don’t want to mark in your Bible, print out the three chapters through Bible Gateway in the version you prefer, however, the keywords are best found in the NASB, KJV and ESV.

Carry on in this fashion through the three chapters for all the keywords listed above.

There is a concluding word that was used a few times during these chapters. Did you catch it? If you said, “therefore”, you are correct! Words of conclusion should be marked the same way, ie, since (when used for conclusion), for that reason, therefore, in conclusion, finally, etc.

I use three red dots in a triangle in the centre of the concluding word as shown. This is step 8 from the worksheet.




Marking Keywords ~ Worksheet Notes

Okay, now that we are done marking keywords, did anything stand out to you? I know in my KJV, there is a lot of mention of the “law” in chapter 3.  Were you able to decipher your way through it?

Let’s tackle this together. Starting with the word “gospel”, on your worksheet, write down everything from the three chapters concerning the gospel. I’ll help you get started.

Concerning Paul –

  • 1.1 – he was separated unto the gospel of God
  • 1.9 – Paul serves God with his spirit in the gospel of his Son
  • 1.15 – he is ready to preach the gospel
  • 1.16 – Paul is not ashamed of the gospel

Are you getting the hang of this? Browse through the text for the specific marking you used for the keyword, gospel, and write down both the address (chapter.verse) and a truncated statement based on the wording of your text. How many more instances did you find? I found one more. What did you find?


Additional Keyword

On your worksheet, in the keyword section, add “may it never be” and mark this phrase accordingly. Now, since this phrase is not typical, I would not add it to my Master Keyword List, only add it to this worksheet. In my KJV, this phrase reads as God forbid. My marking for this is, using the green Micron pen, an angled exclamation mark at the beginning and end of the phrase.

On page 5 of your worksheet, record what Paul is referring to in this verse. You will find your answers between Romans 3:1-8.

I know, I’m not giving you all the answers, but that’s what inductive study is all about. It is about you discovering for yourself what the Word says. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you search His Word. He is more than willing to show you what He wants you to learn. Are you finding this helpful?


Wrapping this Up

Well, that’s it for this week’s study of marking keywords in the first three chapters of Romans. The bulk of the learning is for your discovery as you search the Scriptures to find and mark keywords and answer the questions on the worksheet. There will always be times when God reveals to you more than what is asked in the ready made questions. Those are golden moments and I love them!

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Again, if you haven’t printed the worksheet for this study, you can sign up for the Insiders Pod and the password for the Insiders Pod Library will be emailed to you right away.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Let’s talk, below!


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