What is Needed to Make My Plan, Work My Plan

It happened. Again. I say I’m going to do one thing and then it doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t get done. Or, there’s been times when I actually do follow through and work my plan but it isn’t long lasting. The good intention is gone. Can you relate?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had good intentions to make goals and plans for the new year or some new program or…but before the first month is finished, we’ve stopped doing. Why is that? Why is it that I no longer work my plan?


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The Problem

Let me give you some details. I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. In fact, I’ve been overweight most of my adult years. Back in 1990, I found a book that changed my thinking and before I was even finished reading it, I began to follow its plan.

The author, Bill Phillips, has a motto: Make a plan, work your plan. His program is a 12-week transformation program for mental and physical strength. I started his program Thanksgiving Sunday, 1990 and completed it 12 weeks later. I lost 50 lbs, found I had a figure from all the cardio and weight training and I felt great. Then I did a second round but sometime in the hot months of summer, I lost my oomph.


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Over the years, there were other programs that I started and finished but lost my oomph to maintain.

Two years ago, I had enough with my huffing and puffing up and down our stairs. I was determined to do something and with the help of the My Fitness Pal, I began my journey of weight loss, yet again, and the following year reached my goal. It is great to see the scales tip the other way. I needed to make my plan, work my plan.

It’s been a year now that I lost the weight and in this past year, I have worked hard to maintain and for the most part, have been successful. I say that with tongue in cheek because though I haven’t left onederland, if I keep indulging, in a few months I’ll be back to numbers I don’t ever want to see again. Onederland is a term meaning numbers in the 100s not 200s.


The Light Bulb Moment

I figured it out. My failure is in application, or rather the lack of “applying” what I have learned over the years to eat healthy and have an active lifestyle. What is different now? A light bulb.

A few days ago, I purchased a book, The 12-Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington. I found the light bulb in the first few pages. I have a sheet of notepaper in the book to write out quotes that I like. Here are two quotes on page 4 that triggered the light bulb moment. Hand-hitting-the-forehead moment!

It is not a knowledge problem; its an execution problem.

It’s not what you know; it’s not even who you know; it’s what you implement that counts.

I have always said that when your brain ‘gets it’, your action will follow suit. When your thinking is such that your head is in the game, you will stick with your weight loss program or healthy living program, or whatever it is that you are doing. At least, that’s what it has always been like for me.

And that’s exactly what this book is saying. The reason you don’t have your success is because you don’t apply the action needed to gain that success. In other words, just thinking about it isn’t going to make it so.

I understand it now.

I’m sitting here with three different books that are each based on a 12-week strategy. Twelve weeks, that’s doable, right?

The third one I have is called The Ultimate 12-Week Healthy Habit Goal Setting Planner by Brandice Lardner of Grace Filled Plate (GraceFilledPlate.com). Have you heard of her?

Grace Filled Plate

Brandice is by profession a Blogger, Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and Personal Trainer. If you want a Christian based plan for healthy living, this is the one for you. In this planner, she coaches you through step-by-step on goals and habits. Think of her as being in your corner for the next 12 weeks.

I first obtained her planner (pdf style) in August and nodded my head at what I read. Yes, yes, I understand that, I know that, but then when it came to the part to work on my goals and habits, I let it slide. And here it is, three months later, which by the way, is 84 days, and nothing has changed. Why? Because I didn’t apply anything.


I’m doing this again. I have picked up Brandice’s planner and starting from the beginning, am going through it again. BUT this time, knowing that application is the key to success, I will work through the worksheets, assess my habits, and put into practice what I learn. The fundamentals of what she teaches, I know. Well, most of it, anyway. But like Brian Moran said in the quote above, it’s not what you know, it’s what you implement that counts.

The light bulb. Ya, I knew that before but the light had grown dim. It’s brighter now.


Work My Plan | Lose Weight | Do What is Learned | Process


Make My Plan, Work My Plan

So, let me tell you what I have learned. It’s always better with God in it, by the way. You can do things in your own strength but sooner or later, you’re going to fall and fall hard. Here are some things that will be a part of my plan. Maybe they can help you too.

I will:

  • Carefully and prayerfully read my training material to learn the principles taught.
  • Pray. I will ask God to help me make my daily plan to implement my new program.
  • Understand the assignment to apply my plan. That is, intentionally do it. I know the end results won’t get done by only reading the words on paper. I know I need to be a doer so I will work my plan.
  • Put my action plan on my calendar. This is part of being a doer. If I see it there, I am more apt to get it done. This is the ‘work my plan’ part.
  • Be consistent with my intentions. When I find what works for me, I will do it again.
  • Set my boundaries with my family. I will let them know what I am doing and why. I will ask them to join me on this journey. If they can’t, then I will ask them not to set stumbling blocks in my way. You know, the bags of chips, the chocolate I like, my downfall junk.
  • Celebrate the wins — but not with food. Maybe it will be a new pair of leggings or hiking socks, or something fun, like a day trip to the beach. I will enjoy the moments but won’t stop there. Tomorrow is waiting for me to be consistent again, to work my plan.
  • Pray again. I know that with God, all things are possible and I need Him as I do this because it isn’t going to be easy. I know that. I need Him to help me work my plan.

When the 12 weeks are complete, I will review the wins and the steps it took to get there. Then, I will do it again. Another 12 weeks but this time, the goal will be different. It will be to maintain the weight loss by living a healthy lifestyle.


That’s a Wrap

You know, as a teacher of the Inductive Study Method, you would think that I would have clued in much earlier than this about ‘application’. Application is a vital part of the Inductive Study approach because learning without doing is just knowledge. I finally see the parallel.

The one element required for success is application.

Application, implementation, doing — doesn’t matter what you call it, it is the same thing and is vital to achieving the outcome we desire. Whether it is to be more productive or change attitudes about food or healthy body image, none of it will be accomplished by wishful thinking.

I get it now. Observation (learning), interpretation (understanding) and application (doing)…it’s the inductive approach. It’s the same approach to LIFE!

Is there anything you’d like to add to this? Any words of advice for me? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment, below.

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